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Erezione e disfunzione erettile - La Citrullina è il coadiuvante del futuro

Powerful Amino Acid L-Citrulline Proven to Naturally Restore Erectile Function!

Let’s get right to the point. If you are a man who wants to ensure y


ou can rise to the occasion and maintain an erection, then you need start taking the inexpensive amino acid L-citrulline.

Here’s why:

In the body, L-citrulline is converted to the amino acid L-arginine, which goes on to make another important substance nitric oxide. And nitric oxide is the secret to hard, firm, healthy erections.

Heres how it works…

The endothelium (inner lining) of blood vessels uses nitric oxide to signal a compound called cyclic GMP (cGMP). It is cGMP that triggers smooth muscles in the penis to relax.

L-citrulline works better than L-arginine!

Although supplemental L-arginine is quickly absorbed and well tolerated in single doses of 3–6 grams,1more than half of it (50–70%) is almost immediately converted—not into nitric oxide—but into ornithine and urea, primarily by an enzyme called arginase.2

To make matters even worse, L-arginine is a very popular molecule and plays a number of other important roles in the body. L-arginine is used to make proteins, creatine (which is used to make ATP, the body’s energy currency), vasopressin (a hormone that regulates water retention, preventing dehydration), and agmatine (a neurotransmitter with brain protective effects).

The 2011 Italian Sex Study That Will Change Your Life Forever!

Scientific Proof That L-Citrulline Restores Erectile Function!

The evidence that L-citrulline could literally cure erectile dysfunction had been building for sometime, but researchers at the University of Foggia, in Foggia, Italy, wanted definitive confirmation.

The question they asked themselves was simple: Would supplementation of L-citrulline restore complete and full erectile function in men with ED?

What they showed with their clinical study has the potential of improving the lives of millions of men the world over. Here’s what they did …

Using the self-reported Erection Hardness Score (EHS) system, they recruited 24 men who had mild erectile dysfunction. Under the EHS system, a score of 1 is considered severe dysfunction, a score of 2 is moderate, a score of 3 is mild, and a score of 4 indicates no erectile dysfunction.

The 24 volunteers with mild ED had an average age 56.5 years. The researchers first gave each of the men a placebo for 1 month. For the next month, each unknowingly received 1.5 grams per day of L-citrulline.

During the study, the Italian scholars collected information from the participants. The men’s Erection Hardness Score, number of intercourses per month, treatment satisfaction, and adverse events were all recorded, although all the men completed the study with no adverse events.

At the end of the study, the researchers found that only two men saw improvement in their Erection Hardness Score and sexual satisfaction while taking the placebo. However, when taking L-citrulline, 12 of the men reported completely restored normal erectile function! These men saw their Erection Hardness Scores

rise from 3 (penile rigidity that allowed vaginal penetration but not completion of successful intercourse) to 4 (normal penetration and successful intercourse).

Additionally, the mean number of intercourses per month increased for the entire group and all patients reporting EHS improvement said they were very satisfied.

Finally, at the conclusion of the study, the men were informed they had received a commercially available nutrient (Lcitrulline) and were given the option to